In general, dreams about blue color often symbolize peace and tranquility. A positive color related to development of a person’s intellect and emotional state. Dark blue can also suggest mature personal insights into life, or if the color is attached to a negative symbol it might point towards a depressive state, negative thoughts or intuitions, and being gloomy. This is why dreamers notice blue waters that connect them to their unconscious emotional state.

Dreaming about blue jeans suggests you are comfortable within your image and are protected along your journey. A blue snake in your dream points towards transformation, however if the snake is a threat hints at your emotions or moods; or your throat chakra being blocked. See charka. Blue crabs in the dream connect you towards the moon, feminine energy, emotional shifts unconsciousness and water (see crab). Blue walls in your dream symbolize emotional barriers that you have put up to protect you — a relation to being hurt in the past your dream wants you to cure it.

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