Expressions Of Love


Psychologists typically define love as intense interest, lasting affection or feelings for that person coupled with a strong desire to be with that person Sexual imagery is often comes more than a fleeting romantic scene in a dream; This is what encouraged Freud to make his theories of sexual power more powerful in dreams than in love. Thus, in Freud's analysis of dreams, the relationship between love and eroticism is almost inevitable, and the sexual interpretation of dreams became central to Freud's opening and it means Jung, on the other hand, saw the world of dreams and love very differently from Freud. He recognized Freud's emphasis on sleep, and instead saw dreams not only as a means of understanding one's disturbances, but also as a means of encouraging the creative development of one's full potential .

Most dream analysts refer to the theories of Jung and Freud when exploring the concept of love and dreams but also ask the question: is the person in your dream the object of your intense feelings of love really or is there any other way to read or a dream? For example, dreams of falling in love or remembering the emotional beginning days of a relationship have nothing to do with a relationship itself but inspire you to put some passion into your life and also show that you are interested in being loved you will be loved. Try to remember who or what triggered feelings of love or lust in the dream.

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